Client Testimonies

“Krista is everything you could want in a midwife and more. I adore her and would recommend her to anyone for quality maternity care. She was one of my midwives and I have also had the privilege of working with her. I have nothing but the best to say; her compassion and competence speak for themselves!”

– Elisa, doula and mom of 4

“During my prenatal care, Stephanie listened to my concerns and was very insightful and encouraging. I never felt rushed and we shared many laughs. My favorite part of the prenatal appointments was the time that was spent together. It was lovely. My labor was literally exactly how I had hoped it would be. I wasn’t very confident in how I would do –not being bossed around by medical staff whilst in labor since that’s all I’ve ever experienced with my previous four labors. With this labor, I stayed home for most of it but hoped to have a water birth experience. We headed over (to the birth center) at the perfect timing, at Stephanie’s direction. I was able to labor at the birth center uninterrupted but for a very quick pulse/baby heartbeat check when we first arrived. I felt totally honored and labored completely freely.”

“She respected my need for quiet and didn’t distract me at all. It felt like I was with just my family but she was at the ready if any need came up. At one point I asked her to check where I was (in dilation) and she double checked that it was indeed what I wanted. So grateful for that respect! When I was fully dilated and baby was ready, she let me take my time and told me explicitly to, “push whenever you’re ready, no pressure”. I so needed that! I was starting to feel done and get tired when she suggested getting in the water. She and my family helped navigate me into the perfect temperature birth tub. It was immediate relief and it was perfect timing. In just a few pushes baby was out and Stephanie couldn’t have made it any better of a birth. It was healing of my previous births. I wish I had done it that way each time. It was so incredible!”

--- Jennifer W.            

“Dream team! As a Doula I’m always thrilled when my clients have Krista as their Midwife. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Krista is the perfect balance of calm and bubbly. I trust her ability to care for all mothers and their babies. I highly recommend Krista.”

-Shannon Mason, Doula and mom of 2

“Stephanie was my midwife during my third pregnancy and attended the birth of our daughter. She was awesome! She was attentive and knowledgable. She addressed all my prenatal concerns very thoroughly. She was a quiet presence at my birth, there when I needed her, but also gave me the space to do what made me feel comfortable. I felt safe and well supported. She also involved my husband and our older children in everything, and they LOVED her!”

 ---- SARAH B.               

“The care I received by Redding Home Birth throughout my first pregnancy and beyond has been nothing short of amazing. Stephanie is a gifted midwife and I’m grateful we found her. She has a warm, nurturing nature which we instantly connected with. I am very excited to be under her care for our second pregnancy. Although I have had a few complications with this pregnancy, Stephanie’s responded promptly to all of my concerns and her vast knowledge eases my fears.”

— Dayna O.

“Stephanie is an absolute treasure and an incredible midwife! She has seen me through two pregnancies and three years of rollercoaster perinatal depression. She was the first to ask the hard questions and begin the process of pulling me out of a very dark pit. Her presence at my birth brought so much peace. She provided the support I needed to have a glorious water birth and made me feel so cared for through the recovery process. I have worked with six different midwives through my four birthing experiences and the care I received from Stephanie stands out as exceptional.”

--- Debbie W.            

“Krista was part of my care team as a student midwife. She quickly became one of my favorite people. I was impressed from day 1 by her listening skills & felt a strong connection with her. Throughout each visit & during my home birth, she brought an aligned presence to the group that made the experience that much more enjoyable. She has a gift for tuning in to people’s frequencies, she’s upbeat & sensible, & she brings her heart to her work. She has just the right energy for this career & I know she’ll be a blessing in all her future midwife-client relationships.”

-Brianna, mother of two

“My birth experience with Stephanie was truly amazing. Both my husband and I talk about how incredible it was all the time. From walking me through exactly what to do to get my daughter into the right position after she flipped sunnyside-up last minute, to intently watching me labor to know exactly where I was at and what was coming next. She has a gift for childbirth. Stephanie is so intuitive and is a very clear communicator. She was so cheerful and kind, even in the middle of the night, yet such a source of strength and confidence. She guided me in how and when to push and I walked away without any tearing. And that’s all just the birth. After my daughter was born she came to our house for aftercare, which was so wonderful, and even brought us veggies from her garden! I really can’t say enough good things about my birth experience with Stephanie…and we hope that if we have any more babies that she is available to be our midwife again.”

--- Jesse M.            

“Birth stories are so personal and hard to capture the full magnitude in words! Stephanie was my midwife during the birth of my third child and after a wonderful experience, I have chosen her to be the midwife for the birth of my fourth child. Before that, my first child was born at a hospital in a kind of traumatic setting, my second at home via midwives which was very redemptive. I really appreciated Stephanie’s sense of my needs and emotions during the birthing process. I have a high value for people being really present in the moment and Stephanie always epitomized that through our prenatal appointments, the birth, and the postpartum care. Her approach is thorough yet trusting of the process and a mother’s natural ability to birth her child. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for a midwife!

— Maggie C.

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